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Love is Meant to be Celebrated

You want to remember the looks on everyone’s faces. The ones that say they’ll be talking about it forever.

You want to remember that it was all produced uniquely for you.
And you want to remember the exact way you’ll feel when you look into your soon-to-be spouse’s eyes and pledge the rest of your life to them. (You might be pledging other things to them later, but that’s a conversation for another place and another time.)

Right now is the time to consider the magic these moments will carry.
With the elaborate floral arrangements and the way the love of your life looks at you in photos.

Your wedding may only last for a single moment. Your customized lavish wedding will give you memories of magic that will last for an eternity. 

This is it. This is the moment you want to remember for the rest of your life. The floral arrangements, the customized decor, the limousine with a bar stocked with your favorite champagne. 

Timeless Events for Timeless Memories

meet dashona

Let me treat you to the event of a lifetime.

As a Connecticut florist and event designer every event I touch is a part of the person who hired me. I want every detail to tell their story, so the guests walk away feeling like they get a peek inside who that client is at their core and what excites them about their special event. 

Through memory after memory after memory.

Events are my love language, and I’ve got a lot of love to give.

I have this vision…


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style. class. elegance.

Let’s Start Celebrating

Consider it done. You don’t have to think about the details. You don’t have to worry about setting it all up. All you need to worry about is getting ready, showing up, and letting the lasting memory happen.

So all you have to do is show up, beautifully.

You have a story to tell. 
Through a modern timeless wedding design,
Through customized invitations, and a custom four-tiered cake.
And a curated touch that says, “You.”

I also know…
You want it all to happen seamlessly, elegantly, and all behind the scenes.

Here’s what I know.

You’ve seen the Pinterest boards. Maybe you’ve even put together your own special one, filled with breathtaking floral installations and maybe the perfect color palette to give off the vibe you love. 

Okay, maybe you have about ten of those boards. And they’re all… less than perfect.

Not because they’re not beautiful. They are. They just aren't YOU.

You've seen the pinterest boards.


read the





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— Nathalia

"Completely blown away with the attention to detail, the color schemes and pure originality in designing my wedding reception."

— Rashida

"Thank you so much for bringing my birthday vision to life you are truly amazing at what you do."

— Ruth

"All she ever dreamed of! Omg this was absolutely beautiful thank you so much!"

— Rose

"everyone loved all décor everything was perfect I appreciate it so much!"

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Have you been drooling over a look? Considering all your options? Wanting to know how to make something that looks perfect on paper (or your screen) be stunningly perfect in person?

Let’s chat. I’d love to hear what makes you special, so I can create a production just as special as you.

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