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Extroverted introvert, self-proclaimed World’s Best Listener, and just like Tracee Ellis Ross, I have a little sass and a whole lot of class. And… a room full of red lipsticks. 

I'm dashona

Nice to meet you,

Every event should begin with love. And it should end with a playlist of memories that will want to pull you back to that moment again and again.

We’re not promised anything in our lifetime (except taxes. No matter what, we can guarantee that…) So why not be bold? Why not curate a customized event? Why not celebrate as if this moment should last forever?

Because it should. In timeless energy, in jaw-dropping scenery, in photos worthy of being framed. 

Growing up, I always felt a little cheated on my birthday. Since it was always around Thanksgiving, we’d be busy celebrating what we were thankful for instead of my birthday. It wasn’t until I was in my 30s that I finally celebrated my birthday. And it was all thanks to my boyfriend who decided to throw me a surprise party.

Honestly, it was the event of a lifetime.

Now, I’m not saying that a holiday threw me straight into party planning. Plenty of people have birthdays around Christmas or the Fourth of July, and they don’t jump straight into a party business.

But what I am saying is that having that first real celebration as an adult made me realize that each time I take a trip around the sun, I want to celebrate. I want to make memories that will last at every moment I want to remember. And I want to do so with a luxurious design and a personalized touch. 

I was tossed into entrepreneurship by mistake.
(Don’t worry, it was a glorious one.)

that are memorable for my clients and their guests.

my mission

to create lavish and timeless luxury events 

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All Time Favorites

So your story? The one you want to tell through a lavish wedding them theme and and matching historical venue? Through the custom decor and decadent platters? And through the exact floral arrangements that match Gabriel Union and Dwayane Wade? I want to tell it.

I want to grasp ahold of what inspires your taste and personality. I want to weave in the pieces that have built the characters of you and the loved ones you’re celebrating. I want to take every piece of what you share, and turn it into something that will literally take your breath away.

Let me say that again: Event planning and design is my love language.

Like I said, I came into event planning by a beautiful accident. I sort of volunteered my time helping out a few of my friends and family. I threw baby showers that forced the new mom to relax. I threw birthday parties where the kids went home tired and happy. I helped plan a wedding that literally walked guests through the story of the bride and groom.

I didn’t volunteer my time and energy because I wanted to test out my skills. I did it because putting together the details that made those events memorable was literally my love language.

Now let's talk about your story

Let’s Celebrate, Together

You deserve that kind of love. And so does the person you’re celebrating.

I want to tell your story.