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Event Design Services

Bet they look exquisite. Picture perfect. Almost perfect-perfect.

But there’s something that’s missing and you can’t quite put your finger on it. Or maybe, you can, but you’re not sure how to execute it to the perfection you want.

First, take a deep breath. Look at that Pinterest board again. 
Then, exhale. Hand it all over to me.
The images. The ideas. The heart of why you want this celebration to happen.
And yes, the damn Pinterest board too.

You deserve to show up without that dread hanging over your shoulders.
And enjoy the production for the experience itself.

Pull up your Pinterest boards. I dare you.

Let me treat you to the event of a lifetime.

That every event I touch is a part of the person who hired me. I want every detail to tell their story, so the guests walk away feeling like they get a peek inside who that client is at their core and what excites them about their special event. 

Through memory after memory after memory.

Events are my love language, and I’ve got a lot of love to give.

I have this vision…


hello i'm

and Enjoy the Experience.

Sit Back, Relax,

Let’s Celebrate, Luxuriously

Tell me everything. All that you want. All that you don’t. All the vibe that will make the day yours. Without the stress, without the worry, and with the only thing on your plate is for you to do your hair before you walk through the doors.

let me take over.

But you can’t relax and enjoy the process if you’re busy being concerned with the food, decor, invitations, who to hire and who to not bother with. That’s not luxury. That’s stressful.

Psst, this is why you’re here on this page. You know there’s a better experience in store for you. It just doesn’t involve you behind the planning wheel entirely. 

But here’s where I pull you aside. Because I know that’s not the wedding you have in mind. You want big, bold, and memorable elegance.

And you want to enjoy it. Every last bit.

Because the design is timeless. Because the vibe is luxurious. Because it’s the kind of customized production that will be as relevant for an eternity.

As experts in event planning and design, we curate elevated, detailed celebrations that are catered to your taste and style.

Wave goodbye to the chapter of your life that brought you to be who you are today, and welcome in the newest chapter with a bang. 


Every year around the sun is another year to celebrate! From babies to adults, don’t take another year for granted.


New blessings mean new celebrations. Welcome the tinestest humans into the world with love, care, and a whole love of fun!

Baby Showers

Welcome your guests to a glimpse of the two stories that are coming together to create one. 


Okay, Dashona. Let’s Talk Events.

Let’s Celebrate, Together

There are no moments in your life not worth celebrating. Contact me so we can create those memories together.

Create memories. Be a part of the celebration.
Show up whole because you allowed me to handle the hard part.

want to celebrate something else?

ask me more...


— Nathalia

"Completely blown away with the attention to detail, the color schemes and pure originality in designing my wedding reception."

— Rashida

"Thank you so much for bringing my birthday vision to life you are truly amazing at what you do."

— Ruth

"All she ever dreamed of! Omg this was absolutely beautiful thank you so much!"

— Rose

"everyone loved all décor everything was perfect I appreciate it so much!"


Once you have made sure that my style and portfolio align with your vision, it's time to book! Contact me to inquire about my current availability and pricing. To make things official, you will sign a contract and pay the required deposit to secure my services for your event.

inquiry & booking



After booking, you will have an initial design consultation with me. This consultation is an opportunity for you to discuss your vision, preferences, and overall theme for your event. Share any ideas, color palettes, or inspiration photos you have gathered. I will provide guidance, suggestions, and expertise to help refine your ideas and create a cohesive design plan for your event! 

initial design consult



Based on the initial design consultation, I will create a design board that visually represents the proposed concept for your event. This design board may include color swatches, fabric samples, flower choices, and images that reflect the proposed decor and floral arrangements. The design board will be delivered to you for review and feedback. Take this opportunity to provide any necessary adjustments or clarifications to ensure the design aligns with your vision.

design board delivery



As your event date approaches, schedule a final meeting and walkthrough at your venue with me. During this meeting, we will discuss logistics and finalize the design details, including placement of floral arrangements, decor elements, and any other design aspects. This meeting ensures that everyone is on the same page, and it allows me to further familiarize myself with the venue to execute the design plan seamlessly.

Final meeting & walkthrough



On your event date, I will arrive at the venue early to set up and bring your vision to life. I will carefully arrange the floral installations, centerpieces, and any other decor elements according to the finalized design plan. Throughout the day, I will ensure that everything looks beautiful and cohesive, making any necessary adjustments to ensure perfection.

the main event



After your wedding, the florist and event designer will likelv reach out to vou for feedback and to ensure your satisfaction. This is an opportunity to provide any comments or testimonials about their services. It's also a chance to express your gratitude for their hard work in creating a stunning wedding atmosphere. If you're interested, you may also consider sharing photos of their work on social media or with them directly, as it can be a valuable addition to their portfolio.

post-event follow-up


the process

Your entire event comes with a timeless vibe, and I know you have your sights set on the best quality linen, which is exactly what we use.

I will never put my priorities over yours. Ever. Yes, I’ll bring my expertise and yes I’ll bring my vision. But it’s all to match what you need to feel comfortable, loved, and like the day is already a timeless living memory.

I will never replicate someone else’s vision for yours. Rest assured, your event design will be custom detailed based on your vision. Elevated with every detail that comes from your stories so that what makes you, you will come to life.

I will always give you an experience. I will listen to everything you have to say. I’ll welcome all your ideas with an open heart. I’ll ensure your event is 100% exactly what you’re looking for… with the touch of love I have to offer.

I promise, your day will be executed with the same love I have for my own daughter’s birthday. Or my mother’s retirement party. Or my best friend of twenty years’ wedding.
Go ahead, you deserve the red carpet treatment of personalized celebrations.

I’m going to go ahead and take this place on the page to be real with you. I will never compromise for luxury. You’re going to get quality because you deserve quality.

my promise to you

Absolutely! We understand the
importance of seamless coordination
between vendors to ensure a smooth and
successful event. We are happy to
collaborate with your planner,
venue, or other vendors to ensure that all
aspects of your floral design are integrated
seamlessly into your overall event vision.

Will you coordinate with my other vendors (e.g., wedding planner, venue)?

Yes, we can provide sample
arrangements or a mock-up of your
wedding flowers upon request. This allows
you to visualize the designs and make any
necessary adjustments before your big day.
Additional fees may apply for sample
arrangements or mock-ups.

Can you provide flower samples or a mock-up before the event?

We recommend booking our services as
soon as you have secured your event
date and venue, ideally 6-12 months in
advance. This ensures that we have
sufficient time to discuss your
requirements, provide a comprehensive
proposal, and secure the availability of our
team and the desired flowers.

How far in advance should I book your services?

Absolutely! We pride ourselves on our ability to tailor our designs to match your unique vision. Whether you have a specific theme, color palette, or style in mind, our team will work closely with you to create beautiful arrangements that align with your preferences.

Can you work with my specific theme or color scheme?

Our team specializes in designing and
creating stunning floral arrangements and
designs for weddings and social events.
Whether you are planning an intimate
ceremony, a grand wedding celebration, or
a special social gathering, we can bring
your vision to life and create a breathtaking
atmosphere for your event.


Yes, we love to travel! We are available to
provide our services for weddings and events at various locations. Please note that additional travel fees may apply, including transportation, accommodation, and any
necessary permits, depending on the
distance and location of your event.


Yes, our investment for event floral and design services begins at $10,000. This minimum ensures that we can allocate the necessary resources, time, and attention to detail required to deliver exceptional results for your special day.

is there a minimum spending requirement for your services?

Due to the highly personalized nature of
our services, it is challenging to provide an
accurate price range without understanding
your unique preferences and event details.
However, we strive to work within your
budget and create a memorable experience
that meets your needs.

How much will my EVent floral and design services cost?

frequently asked questions

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